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Stars who have been involved in sex scandals have become the public face of sex addiction, even when they haven't acknowledged that they have the disorder. As many as 12 million Americans have a sex addictionaccording to the American Association for Family and Marriage Therapy. Some notable celebrities have fessed up to having sexual addictions, in which people are unable to control their sexual urges despite the damage done to their lives and their loved ones.

The drama surrounding alleged celebrity addictions and sex scandals provides much public titillation, but also offers lessons for people considering sexual addiction treatment. Michael Douglas was one of the first celebrities Women want sex Douglas to have a sex addiction. Indeed, his admission to an addiction treatment center first brought the concept of sex addiction to the public eye, although Douglas later said the reports of his sexual addiction were inaccurate. Behind the scenes, research into sex addiction had been going on since at least the early s, but therapists argue over its nature and existence to this day.

Motorcycle mechanic and TV host Jesse James acknowledged that he had sexual addiction treatment after he admitted cheating on his wife, Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock, who has since filed for divorce. James said in an ABC News interview that his treatment focused mainly on childhood physical and emotional abuse he claims he underwent at the hands of his father. Many sex addicts have been found to have experienced childhood abuse and are thought to be acting out in a destructive way to reinforce their low self-esteem.

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Professional golfer Tiger Woods had to fight for his career and went through a costly divorce after a string of women came forward to say he had sex with them. The news of his risky sexual behavior and explicit "sexting" messages to mistresses did extreme damage to his squeaky-clean image. s of sex addiction include repeated use of prostitutes, frequent visits to strip clubs, and sex with multiple anonymous partners. However, Sheen has never admitted to having a sex addiction. Despite his treatment, their marriage broke up inand he has since denied that he is a sex addict. As with most addictions, denial is a powerful barrier to treatment.

It's very common for sex addicts to minimize their sexual behavior and ignore the damage it causes.

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Narain admitted to chronic masturbation as well as involvement in countless sexual escapades, including the making of a sex tape with actor Colin Farrell that surfaced in Solitary sexual behavior is another key symptom of sex addiction — according to one study, three out of four sex addicts surveyed said they engaged in compulsive masturbation. Actor David Duchovny plays a sex -obsessed writer in his TV show Californication, but the role took on a new edge in when he entered rehab for sex addiction and later separated from his wife, actress Tea Leoni. They have continued working on the relationship, however, and have since reconciled.

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It is important for a couple to work together to achieve recovery, so they can re-establish trust and intimacy in their shared life. Peniche has since sought treatment for drug and alcohol abuse as well as sex addiction. Male sex addicts tend to substantially out female sex addicts in most studies, with researchers estimating that as few as 20 percent of sex addicts are women. Female sex addicts are less likely to use prostitutes or visit strip clubs, but will often engage in chronic masturbation and impulsive sex with multiple partners.

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Health Topics. Health Tools. Sexual Health. Reviewed: September 13, Medically Reviewed. Michael Douglas, Actor and Director. Jesse James, TV Host.

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Tiger Woods, Golfer. Charlie Sheen, Actor. Eric Benet, Singer. Nicole Narain, Model. David Duchovny, Actor. Kari Anne Peniche, Beauty Contestant.

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