Upper Slaughter adult personals lookin for mistress

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Weeks ago friends were reminding me to get tickets to the big fetish party or sex club party as they always sell out fast. I was invited to go to Seattle to meet up with some of my fav peers in the industry. Not the kind of torture some of you lot like: Tsk tsk. It IS a busy time. And taking some down time tonight is self care. I bet a lot of you get that, at least those over So why am I so busy?

I recently moved. It all happened kind of fast.

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I did it even though I knew it would be hard. These trips were planned long before I even thought about moving. Everything is fine. Great really.

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Just a lot on my plate right now. Some of that has been to prepare to take another break from the biz to work on the book. Good news for fans of my vids. Rivers of cum will be produced because of my vids in the coming months. Ha ha. I did everything myself for so long. Control freak.

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Old dog, new tricks. All of you who support my work by buying my vids make it possible for me to keep doing it.

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Thank you. Canadian Amazon. US Amazon. Thank you to those who offered your condolences and thank you to those who respectfully gave me space. I might make an exception in the right circumstances a VERY generous offer from a well-mannered, interesting, easy-to-deal with client.

Yes, you have to pay me to even consider you. So you have to prove you are worth my time. Gift card for my favorite spa. Ask them to the gift card to MsT MistressT. They are used to it as a lot of fans send me gift cards from there.

You must at least 1 clear nude torso pic with erect penis. I prefer average to fit guys with less body hair and bigger dicks.

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Standing in front of a mirror works. If you can take a big strap-on in your ass, let me know. I will not allow oral worship, do nude facesitting or have intercourse with strangers. Why this pic? Have you heard of these places? I was really excited about trying this place but as soon as we were led into the pitch dark room by our server I felt like I had made a mistake. Sitting in the darkness trying to get my bearings I even felt slight panic.

I found my eyes playing tricks on me. My friend said the same thing. When the salad came I found the food kept falling off my fork. Table manners? Did the blindness effect the taste of the food? I half expected a sippy cup or something.

I was so glad to have wine that I protected that wine glass like breaking it would have cost me a limp. There was no fucking way I was going to let that happen. I had been going at it for several minutes before I discovered a green string bean that I had no idea was on my plate.

I wondered what else I had missed? Probably because he suspected it was covered in food shrapnel. It tasted too sweet. I just finished my wine. My friend, desperate for information asked what I saw from my angle when the light went on.

How big was the place, etc.? What I loved about the experience is that it got me thinking about what it would really be like to be someone else for a day? There have been movies done on that concept. One may need to have a certain amount of empathy before being able to experience accurate sympathy or compassion. A different gender, sexual orientation, race, economic position, weight, health, etc. We had perfect warm, sunny weather. British Columbia is truly stunning. I spent most of the time soaking in the natural hot springs. Very cute but only Not every blog entry can Upper Slaughter adult personals lookin for mistress mind-blowing.

So this will just be a random mash-up of stuff. Tomorrow night I head to Nova Scotia for my annual family visit. Recently life has been pretty stress-free. I also got to help out a little behind the camera with a different kind of filming. My never-boring pal Samantha Mack filmed a creative short film for film festivals. Kinda artsy. Sorry to rain on your parade but I am not in the film, you do not get to see me dressed up as a clown…I know clown fetishists are throwing pies in their own face right now to try to cheer themselves up.

I love being entertained while learning I also love Ted Talks for this reason, among other things. I went to a sexy party on the weekend. It was hot.

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This is what I wore to the sexy party…because I know fashion is your primary interest. So far so good. applications still being accepted: MsT MistressT. Oh well, as you can see above my life is anything but boring. I slay me. It was a great concept in a city that has a bit of a reputation for having less friendly folks and more chilly, stand-offish types. I am single these days and looking for a partner.

I know that I need to get myself out there my real life self, not my persona.

Upper Slaughter adult personals lookin for mistress

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