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Photo Credit: SloatsburgVillage. It was mid-May,when the chainsaws bit the air in a flurry of activity at the site fast-becoming Ramapo Woodmont Apartments. The massive apartment development along Route 17 just south of Sloatsburg, NY, is located at the former, longtime home base of the Ramapo Land Company, and, as an historical note, is the last bit of a land tract that dates back to the very beginning of what is now Sloatsburg.

Trees were cleared, earth was moved and the huge excavated area, which for many years was sloping woodland and nearly hidden from view, was suddenly exposed brown dirt, complete with those familiar Rockland County boulders. Lawrence long run as town supervisor.

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The Village of Sloatsburg battled the development throughout the planning board process and, even after approval, into Supreme Court in Rockland County. The Village lost an Article 78 decision in but was able to stall the proposed project until construction finally broke ground. With the removal of the thick tree coverage, the old white Smith House has been left standing like some lonely sentinel left over from a bygone era.

It is known more recently as the former home of the Pierson Mapes family. The Ramapo Pass, also known at the Clove from the Dutch kloof, which means chasm or gapwas strategically defendable at the bottleneck in Hillburn, NY. During the pre and post Revolutionary War period, the Albany Highway was a main route and circled from the Hudson River through these parts and then north, curling to Albany. People riding through the Clove Road only had a few public houses to spend a safe night.

The Historical Society of Rockland County and a contingent of Sloatsburgers prefer that the house be preserved and rehabilitated. Clove is a Dutch word for a narrow valley with steep hills surrounding it. Van Deusen land in the Ramapo Pass consisted of two main tracts that, together, shaped the Ramapo Valley and Sloatsburg. InVan Gelder deeded the Pothat tract to Van Deusen Sloatsburg NY wife swapping it was this tract that was deeded to Stephen Sloat in when he married Marretje Van Deusen, daughter of Isaac Van Deusen — the marriage apparently took place in the mid s.

Published and copyrighted by the Orange County Historical Society. Sidman and John Suffern were atures in of the General Association which pledged support of the Continental Congress.

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To date, the fate of the Smith House is undecided. As importantly, the three assets are nationally ificant and their preservation would celebrate the character and culture of the Village of Sloatsburg, Hudson Valley and New York State, especially as the nation prepares to mark the th anniversary of the American Revolution.

Built as the elegant yet practical family home for S. Blauvelt and family, this c. The classical proportions of the interior and exterior express the clarity Sloatsburg NY wife swapping logic exemplified in the architecture of many Italian villas.

Another feature of this Italian style are floor-to-ceiling windows which were in place at one time, and which the current owner has restored. Historically, Casa Hudson has been through many incarnations. It was the headquarters for the Knights of Columbus and then a pre-school for many years, but the original proprietor was S. Inhe was elected a trustee and first clerk of the newly established Village of Warren later renamed Haverstraw. The house has undergone a complete renovation by the owners, Nelson Diaz and Andrea Caccuro.

The shell of the house is not wood, but Haverstraw brick; the studs were hand- sawn; Tiffany tiles were used on an upstairs fireplace; the windows are long and large to capitalize on the river view and breezes. On the front porch, the owners have spent the past four years, using local labor, stripping the paint from the columns down to bare wood and then meticulously coating them with layers of oil pastel. The outer front doors took a year to restore.

The interior front doors have just been completed after a lengthy restoration. All of the interior rooms have been gutted to the brick walls. Imagine this: when Nelson and Andrea first saw this house, the entire interior was painted blue! The marble fireplaces were Sloatsburg NY wife swapping in; the large windows were partially closed up; and the marquetry inlaid floors were covered with plywood. The owners have re-purposed as many elements as possible, including fireplaces and radiators.

The house will become a Bed and Breakfast allowing the owners to share this beautiful, historic house with guests. We will be celebrating Rockland County Historic Preservation Week this year virtually by highlighting some past award recipients. And rest assured, when we can gather together again, we will plan the next event to be even more fun and festive than ever before. And of course, if you know any Preservation success stories in Rockland County, please let us know by nominating them for an award. On this episode of our monthly radio show, we explored how the Volstead Act changed Rockland County.

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This U. host Clare Sheridan as we explore, celebrate, and Sloatsburg NY wife swapping about our local history, with different topics and guest speakers every month. The Historical Society of Rockland County is a nonprofit educational institution and principal repository for original documents and artifacts relating to Rockland County.

Many thanks to Jared Rodriguez and all of the Trustees and volunteers from the Haverstraw Brick Museum for being a part of our program. The New Issue of South of the Mountains is out now! If you are a local history enthusiast - you should be reading this quarterly! Receiving this magazine is one of the tangible benefits of membership in the Historical Society of Rockland County. In this article, she describes the exciting donation of some papers of Isaac, J Blauvelt, and the decision to find a place for them in the extensive collection of Blauvelt family papers in the orange town Historical Museum and archives.

She tells us of some treats created on our website Rocklandhistory. Blauvelt, dated Photograph courtesy of the Orangetown Historical Museum and Archives. Thinking perhaps that a few lines from Tappan might not be unacceptable to you, we have taken our pen in hand to inform you of the state of affairs in our quiet little village.

First, in order, comes the weather.

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The heavy rain of Wednesday morning seemed very unpropitious, but about noon the clouds broke away and the sun shone brightly. At the appointed hour, the church was filled with an eager assembly, all animated with the curiosity, which always attends the coming of a bridal party.

While waiting, the tedium was relieved by Miss Bella Hammond of Closter, who entertained the company with sweet music. The bride was dressed in a pearl colored silk with high corsage and skirt en train, the dress being trimmed with white lace. She wore an elegant veil, gracefully looped up with orange flowers, a wreath of which was around her head. The bridesmaid, Miss Kate Harring, was becomingly dressed in a rich garnet silk and wore tuberoses and geranium leaves for ornaments. The groom was attired in a black cloth suit, as was also the groomsman, Mr.

Garrett Blauvelt. The ceremony was performed by the Reverend G. Blauvelt, and the beautiful and solemn service of the Episcopal Church, and all admired the graceful manner in which everything was done. Too much praise cannot be awarded to the ushers, Mr. Andrew Harring, and Mr. George Bolmer, for the gentlemanly manner in which they Sloatsburg NY wife swapping the duties incumbent upon them. We learn that the bridal party departed the same afternoon, upon their bridal tour, taking with them the kind wishes of a host of relatives and friends for their future happiness and prosperity.

If you do not find that we have taken up too much space in your valuable paper, you may hear from Tappan again.

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Flashback Friday appears every Friday. To receive the full Flashback report formerly seen in the Rockland Reviewvisit our website at RocklandHistory. The new issue of our award-winning history quarterly is out now! By the way, a gift membership is a great way to share your love of history. Rockland County historian George H. Budke gave this speech in Octoberat the dedication of a marker for the one-mile post of the turnpike. The author, Marjorie Douglas, and her husband, Henry, moved to Rockland County inwhen they bought their old stone house in Sparkill and restored it with the intention of starting a home business.

Known as Douglas House, Inc. While all efforts are made to ensure accuracy in the articles, the Historical Society assumes no responsibility for opinions and conclusions expressed or implied by contributors. The editors welcome contributions of letters and articles. Please at the Historical Society. Rockland County Historian Craig Long will be our guest. Posts Likes Archive. Photo by Aiden Hand, Trees were cleared, earth was moved and the huge excavated area, which for many years was sloping woodland and nearly Sloatsburg NY wife swapping from view, was suddenly exposed brown dirt, complete with those familiar Rockland County boulders.

Photo by Aiden Hand, Where Sloatsburg Started With the removal of the thick tree coverage, the old white Smith House has been left standing like some lonely sentinel left over from a bygone era. Taken together, these historical assets provide the origination story of Sloatsburg. Excerpt from Richard J. Blauvelt House; a. Casa Hudson, Haverstraw. Inthe owners of this magnificent house were the recipients of a Preservation Award. You can listen to the archived episode 26 min here:.

All rights reserved Editor: Marjorie H. Johnson; Consulting Editor: Marianne B. All rights reserved. Editor: Marjorie H. Johnson Consulting Editor: Marianne B. Listen to the podcast 29 min here: marks the th anniversary of the storming of Stony Point and over the past weekend Julyvisitors of all ages commemorated the daring midnight assault on the British fortifications at Stony Point with more than costumed reenactors at the Stony Point Battlefield. See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked. Needlework sampler British, Front and reverse shown.

Silk on linen. Images and text information courtesy The Met.

Sloatsburg NY wife swapping

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