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He decided to give Ursula, the chosen heroine of his initial project, a past that would extend back through a larger social history. After all, it is the problem of today the establishment of a new relation or the re-adjustment of the old one between men and women. From the very opening of the novel, women are endowed with the power to apprehend the unknown and establish a link with it 1. This is because they are presented as being closer to the unknown, to eternity, than men are 2and because they can act as intercessors to help establish a link with the unknown, as this process is a difficult one for men to accomplish.

In this new approach, sexuality carves out a ificant place and eroticism as Lawrence conceives Sex with girls in Lawrence and represents it, for the first time in his fiction dares say its name. Yet despite the differences, there are similarities in the existential temporality, made up of the successive moments of meeting, embrace, then the life of the couple, which determine the enactment of the lives and the love relations for the three generations of women.

Moreover, it is the feminine principle, which presides over the The Rainbow that gives the sexual relation its singularity. The modern world could thus seem one which the male power, his creative power had deserted: a world dominated by women. Some went as far as endorsing the feminine principle with a messianic dimension.

The future belongs to woman. Only woman is barbaric enough to transform worm-eaten culture.

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Let us make her conscious of herself. The future of mankind lies in her bosom. That ps an ego to feel with. I only care what the woman is. The various levels which interpenetrate each other explain the sudden intrusion into everyday life, into the familiar reality, of other realities, which originate in the desire and the emotions which make up the stream of consciousness, causing the ordinary or mundane concreteness of the actual abruptly to give way to the impalpable manifestation of the unconscious.

For Tom and Lydia, and for them alone in the novel, are sexuality and marriage inseparable. For all the characters in The Rainbowto recognize the other as the other, thus overcoming the distance between self and other, is by no means an easy task. He had a dread of her as she lay there. What had she to do with him? That dread of the other, an intrinsic component of the threat experienced by the characters, is predominant when the encounter takes place. An inner turmoil, sometimes close to agony, takes hold of Tom in several phases of his approach to Lydia, who is both strange and a stranger.

The distance she perceives between them is a major obstacle, one she must overcome. Their shared virtue is to become conscious of what separates them — this is not the case for the next generation — and to tolerate distance, a disposition which explains the absence of conflict between them. Man and woman complete each other in the embrace, Lydia inspiring energy in Tom.

Generally love is the pursuit of a great evolutive movement, a slow ripening requiring time, a process implying a gradation, an orchestration of the successive moments leading to the fulfillment of desire. What is at stake, in the case of Tom and Lydia, is the frantic pursuit of true marriage, in which man and woman are to experience the fusion of the senses and the spirit and where the carnal act is transcended.

In the accomplishment of the act, man assumes the passive role. It is not only Lydia who manifests a sexual energy which surprises men. She wanted his active participation, not his submission. Historically as well as biographically, Lawrence can be understood in his erotic scenes as adapting to his not immediately Christian ends the Protestant conversion experience.

The gradual passage from rural life to a different type of civilization has a damaging effect on the couple. Her desire to protect herself is intense. For Anna, the perpetual confrontation with the other makes Sex with girls in Lawrence coincidence between her desire and the object of this desire a difficult or impossible one, a notable difference with her mother.

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All that is not herself frightens her, the only course open to her is to cling to the self which she is afraid to lose. It pressed round her, it came to her and took part in her in the form of her man, this vast, resounding, alien world which was not herself. As she is certain to find sympathy, protection and tenderness at the Marsh, she does not hesitate to give vent to her desire to escape. These contradictory tendencies will also be observed in Ursula. Their relationship is thus the embodiment of the hostility between the feminine and masculine worlds.

What impudence men have, what arrogance! She refuses to let her husband guide her. How could she admit his authority when her father never assumed the right to master her. In the Sex with girls in Lawrence Will fails to attain the desired mastery over his wife.

When returning to the cathedral, she realizes that the altar is barren and the lights have gone out. She is ready to play the game and in her turn she comes to experience the adventure. In that casual encounter, the woman becomes equal to the man. Moreover, it was a time when demographers and doctors were arguing that woman should above all, be mothers, and that her eroticization amounted to a danger for society. In that dual experience, they meet as distant individuals, surpassing their natures which are constantly opposed, thus challenging each other.

Tenderness is thus excluded. They remain on the threshold of eroticism, as Anna had stopped on the threshold of the rainbow. So far as they are concerned, transcendence is brought into question because they are unable to sublimate their carnal selves. This experience does not grant them transfiguration. Lawrence and ModernityUniversity of Iowa Press, See Le Rider, op. Jacqueline Gouirand« Women in love in The Rainbow. LawrenceParis: Autrement, Lawrence Reviewand Voir la notice dans le catalogue OpenEdition. — Plan du site.

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Sex with girls in Lawrence

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