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With a personalyou can read up to articles each month for free. Already have an ? Log in. Log in through your institution. Gay men and lesbians place small advertisements in the gay press to find reproductive partners. Analyses of over such 'mating ' reveal that advertisers use a range of discursive methods to manage the potential gay parenting identities.

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We examine how gay male and lesbian advertisers adapt the formulaic format of the classified ad by exploiting the intertextual resonance of the job ad and the dating ad in order to construe reproductive identities and child-rearing roles. Our analyses suggest that gay parenting roles need not correlate one-to-one with the discrete chosen to identify reproductive partner.

We discuss the emergent identity of 'co-parent'. It stimulates a problem-oriented and critical approach and pays particular attention to the political implications of discourse and communication.

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It focuses on explicit theory formation and analysis of the relationships between the structures of text, talk, language use, verbal interaction or communication, on the one hand, and societal, political or cultural micro- and macrostructures and cognitive social representations, on the other hand. Its contributions are based on advanced theory formation and methodologies of several disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. SAGE is a leading international provider of innovative, high-quality content publishing more than journals and over new books each year, spanning a wide range of subject areas.

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Custom alerts when new content is added. Abstract Gay men and lesbians place small advertisements in the gay press to find reproductive partners.

Sex personals Achille

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