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Best Friend vs.

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Lover Keith F. Miller, Jr. May 2, Male Desire. If you had to choose the type of relationship you would have with the person you were to spend the rest of your life with, what kind would it be? A true friendship? Or an unforgettable romantic partner? Real intimacy is an outer body experience. It can be about other life issues: your relationship, your finances. Since my relationship with my family was very aggressive and not always very positive, in relationships, when that happens, it makes me feel like I have to run, escape.

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The only thing I feel that will ultimately make me stop running is a true friendship within a romantic relationship. In that relationship, my partner can speak to me as my best friend, not my boyfriend.

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Why would I want that? Because of your romantic relationship, you touch on some things but not others.

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But in a romantic relationship, you hold on to the details because you feel like the person might use them against you. I believe that if a person only sees you as a lover, they can only really see one side of you. Whereas your best friend knows everything about you, and they still choose to stick around. Another important part of my experience with intimacy has to do with sex, and how it makes me feel. The first time I had sex, I was 20 years old. It made me feel reckless and messed with my mind. I felt greedy and wanted more. I want a partner who will speak to me as my best friend, not my boyfriend.

But not greedy for the right reasons but simply to feel it again. That was very frightening. I just cared about the moment and what was in front me at the time. The pleasure and feeling made me feel that. It was so powerful in part because it was so new to me, which was like a shock to my system.

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It was like feeling hot and cold at the same time; my heart was racing as I tried to catch my breath, but everything was happening at the same time. When it comes to love, sex, and intimacy, I think they all feel a lot like that because they require you to lose a part of yourself, to trust another person with your body and so much more.

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For a person who is used to being so self-reliant and independent, that can feel like the scariest thing in the world. The Pillow Talk Newsletter. Experience the healing power of everyday intimate conversations through exclusive access to interviews, research, and events.

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Pillow talk and friend

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