Missing something in your marriage

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They reach for surface answers: Sex is missing. Communication is missing. Something deeper is absent.

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Does this sound like your relationship? You made a commitment to the relationship in your mind, but not fully in your heart. Perhaps one of you is regularly asking for more, and the other is reflexively withdrawing, withholding, or acting micro-aggressively. How did your relationships begin? Or, perhaps they offered the right family connections or wielded prominence in a certain career.

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Or, maybe your partner seemed like a quick ticket out of town or a way out of a bad situation you felt stuck in. You stepped into the relationship and then never knew how to step out. Making a choice renders us vulnerable. It opens us up to the possibility of making a bad or wrong choice, of losing, of being rejected, or of ending up with nothing.

So you say and do nothing, waiting for the other person to make a move first. It may feel safer to let someone else choose for you. You think this lets you off the hook of being responsible for the outcome. They still feel hurt. Wanting more — out of life, out of love — makes you feel even more vulnerable to loss, failure, frustration, rejection, and disappointment. But hiding or denying what you truly want and desire or passively hoping someone else will just magically give it to you neither le you to happiness nor protects you from disappointment.

But ultimately, you are responsible for claiming and obtaining what you want for yourself. The reality is, even if you or your partner didn't truly, mindfully, and fully choose each other in that past, you still have the option of choosing each other. in.

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Missing something in your marriage

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