Meet for dinner or coffee

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I grew up in rural West Virginia. It's also culturally the South. When you found someone you were interested in, you asked them out on a date.

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That usually meant dinner, bowling, mini-golfing, or a movie. That was a date and how you communicated yourself and your interest. When I moved to California, I kept hearing about taking a girl out "for coffee. I later went back to WV for Christmas and realized, outside of gas station coffee, the closest coffee shop was 1. THAT explains why "coffee" wasn't on my grid, but I quickly learned it was on the grid of women around me.

It was time to update my vocabulary and find out what I was actually saying. In dating, it's not just about what you're doing but what you're communicating to your date. The were as follows Coffee implies a more casual interest and is low stakes for both parties involved. You ask her out for coffee if you've seen her around or know a little bit about her, but want to get to know her more and see if there's anything there.

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You show interest but also a desire to keep it light. Dinner implies a more serious intent. This communicates you're for sure interested and ready to let her know.

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Maybe you already know her or maybe you just know you're interested. There's no ring in sight, but there is a higher level of commitment and seriousness here. It's more intentionally showing romantic interest. After you ask her to "go out for coffee" or if you can "take her out to dinner," she may have questions.

She may ask you "what do you mean?

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Note: Some girls love the word "date" and other girls run from it because it feels too heavy. I wish I could tell you who is who but I usually find out after I ask. I like to say "date. I'm not a boy playing around. I'll use the word. If they seem to be shocked or scared by it, I'll affirm with "No pressure. It'll be low key," so they feel safe, but I want them to know I'm showing up. I think when more men start asking women out for dinner, asking a woman out for coffee won't be as big of a deal.

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You set the level of interest based upon the amount of time, energy, and money you're investing in her and asking her to invest. Consider the difference of time and money between coffee, Applebees, and a "you-better-dress-up restaurant. Dating should be fun. If it's not, you may be doing it wrong.

If it's coffee or dinner, pay for hers. You're a gentleman asking a lady out. Pay for hers. Abram Goff has been part of the Moral Revolution team since by creating different forms of media, writing, and speaking. His passion is to see people across the nations extravagantly fall in love with Jesus and walk in passion, purity, and purpose. He believes each person is made to be fully alive and fully beautiful in their original de discovered through relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. When people are whole, free, and have a road map they make relationships easier and families better.

With Southern Baptist roots and as a graduate of BSSM, he has a passion to see the whole church discover and walk in all of who Meet for dinner or coffee really is. He adventures through life with his Swiss wife, Michelle, he affectionally calls his swissmisses. Back Upcoming Events Invite Us.

What's the Difference Between "Coffee" and "Dinner"? What's the difference between "going out for coffee" and being "asked out for dinner"? What "Coffee" Means Coffee implies a more casual interest and is low stakes for both parties involved. What "Dinner" Means Dinner implies a more serious intent.

Abram Goff.

Meet for dinner or coffee

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