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By the middle ofRick was not only deejaying for the Beasties, he was producing records for the Def Jam label. Accordingly, the guys stopped playing instruments and singing, and started rapping.

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The CMJ New Music Report below was a weekly trade publication best known for its playlists of the music airing on college and other non-commercial radio stations. Its acronym stood for College Music Journal.

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How did a band with such a slim land such a juicy gig? Mostly because of Russell Simmons.

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Given that Run-DMC had already headlined the all-rap Fresh Fest, Russell replied that they were too big to open for another act—but maybe Freddie would consider booking another of his acts, the Beastie Boys. As it turned out, Madonna knew the Beasties at least passingly well from the days when they were all gigging at downtown clubs like The Funhouse.

The Beasties got the nod.

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To the right is the press release encapsulating events for the first month of the tour. Reviews of the Beasties performance had been notably rough…not a big surprise given how mismatched the acts were.

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Madonna was pure pop. The Beasties were pure punk. Luckily, all involved had a sense of humor. I personally feel like we owe so much to Madonna. She wrote the short piece shown here during her long tenure as the rock music columnist for the New York Post.

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One of the Radio City shows was reviewed for Melody Makerthe English music weekly, by David Fricke, a New York-based music journalist who is better known for his long association with Rolling Stone. On the last night of the tour, the Beasties surprised Madonna by jumping onstage during her set and squirting her with water pistols. The great photo of that moment, reproduced in Tiger Beak Rockwas shot by Ron Galella, the most notorious celebrity photographer in history.

Hear Rick and Russell reminisce about the early years of the Beastie Boys.

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I need it rock hard

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