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An example of companion is an assistant living with a disabled person. His dog has been his trusted companion for the last five years. The countess was sitting with her companion Belova, playing grand- patience as usual, when Pierre and Natasha came into the drawing room with parcels under their arms.

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He sensed the entrance of another before his companion spoke. His gaze settled on Jade's familiar features, and he studied his companion of so many years. All rights reserved. Filters 0. Words form: companions.

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See word origin. The definition of a companion is a partner to, friend who accompanies, mate or someone hired to help another. An example of companion is a husband to his wife. To be a companion to; accompany. One of a pair or set of things; a mate. A companionway.

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A member of the lowest rank in an order of knighthood. A friendacquaintanceor partner ; someone with whom one spends time or keeps company.

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A knight of the lowest rank in certain orders. A person employed to assist, live with, or travel with another. A person who associates with or accompanies another or others; associate; comrade. A person employed to live or travel with another.

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Either of two persons not married to each other but otherwise in an intimate, spouse-like relationship: often, specif. A thing that matches another in sort, color, etc. A handbook on a specific subject. A companion to French literature.

A pet, esp. A scoundrel. To accompany. The covering at the head of a companionway. Origin of companion. More at co- loaf.

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Companion Sentence Examples. She gave her companion an angry glance.

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Friend companion more

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