Come to my room ladies

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This song always reminds me of the broken heart I carried like weights in my chest for years. I would have lifted her over everything. I had this album when it came out Part of it is. All of this imagery recalls hood spent in a modern suburb. High-tension power lines through low-density residential neighbourhoods.

In Canada, they're called 'hydrofields', narrow corridors of undeveloped public land around the power distribution line.

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Ravines and river valleys with discarded shopping carts and rusted-out bicycles. A tire fire in the vacant field down the road. The din of the falls is probably Niagara falls, because BNL are from the Toronto area, but the rest of these images are probably familiar to any Canadian who grew up in a metropolitan outskirt.

I remember failing to get a version of turbo linux to work with this cd and this track playing in the background I play bnl every time I work on programming because it calms me down if I make a mistake lmao. I received as a gift from my cousins when I was I remember riding around with my mom listening to this as a.

She passed away almost 5 years ago and I haven't listened to this song in so long, all those memories came flooding back. I love music and I love bnl This song reminds me of my first summer living on my own in my first apartment circa after my now former stepdad kicked me out of the house.

I got a job and that summer was the summer of a Lilith Fair tour which I went to when it came to where I was living in Idaho at the time.

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I ended up not having a blanket to sit on the lawn with and two ladies who attended a college age group through the Methodist church lent me one of their blankets. After the show, we traded s because they'd invited me to check out the group at the next meeting. I made fast friends with several people in the group and the minister who led the group, too.

Every time i hear these songs, I think of that year. Lots of change, but many good times, too. Reminds me when I was teenager. In HS tech class I screwing around with the electronics. Crap, I didn't have a social. Well that explains a lot.

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Elizabeth Rowland There is something special about you and the way you smile in your pic. I can tell youre a good person. This song is a genuine gem; I listened to it different seasons for many years. Love this song!!! Please check out my cover of it on our guys!!! This is probably one of the most amazing albums out of all of the LPs I own and this song just proves how good these guys are. This was my favorite song off the album, ugh so good. Takes me right back to middle school.

It's a shame that they never made a video for this song, it could have been such an interesting video. A Hydro-field cuts through my neighborhood Somehow that always just made me feel good I can put a spare bulb in my hand And light up my yard. Jen Gable. Aidenn Jace. Monica Marlowe. Helena Gatti. Micheal Gill. Tyler Cary. Rick Therrien. Andrew Stout.

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Come to my room ladies

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Barenaked Ladies - Light Up My Room Lyrics