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Asian - as well as white - girls are being groomed for sex by Asian men in Rotherham, victim support groups say. Support workers believe that a report on children abused in the town between and may have under-estimated the because it was unlikely to include the experiences of Asian girls.

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The Jay reportpublished in August, put the figure at at least 1, But Yasmin Ishaq, who has supported victims, said: "It's not just the young white girls that they're targeting. Ms Ishaq, who runs a voluntary organisation, said men who they knew to be abusers had never been prosecuted and were also systematically abusing young girls within their own network of family and friends. There's no record of what's happened to them.

They're too afraid to have ever gone to the law. Although none of the Asian sex ladies girl would talk directly to the BBC, File on 4 heard reports of some Asian girls being blackmailed by grooming rings, while others were forced at knifepoint to perform sexual acts on men. Ms Ishaq described how one teenage girl she had been helping was taken to what she thought was a party by her boyfriend.

What she found was that there were five adults, their ages ranging between their mid 20s going on to the late 40s and five men systematically, routinely, raped her. And the young man who was supposed to be her boyfriend, stood back and watched. Ms Ishaq explained that the group photographed the abuse and threatened to publish it unless she did as she was told.

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She cannot see how by going to the police or asking for their help, she can save herself from the consequences of what her family will do Asian sex ladies girl her. She has a genuine fear that she will be beaten, she will be taken abroad, she will be forced into a marriage she doesn't want to be in. Other organisations told the BBC they had heard similar stories of abuse in the town. She's adamant they're all her boyfriends," said Zlakha Ahmed, head of Apna Haq, a group that supports women from ethnic minorities in Rotherham.

They regularly pay for her train fare so she can go down to Manchester, Blackburn, London, Birmingham. Then she'll always say, 'I was given a drink and I don't remember what happened then'. For us, that is gang-related abuse of a vulnerable woman. We know this is one young woman. How many others will they be abusing? There are no official figures for the of cases of sexual abuse and grooming within the Asian community, and the Crown Prosecution Service does not record the ethnicities of the women in the cases that come to them.

But because of the culture of honour and shame protecting these cases, only a very small proportion are even reported to the authorities. Gang abuse cases in other towns. Double child abuse agony for family. Rochdale abuse case 'failed victims'. Image source, Getty Images.

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Genuine fear. More on this story. Published 27 August Published 16 September Published 26 March

Asian sex ladies girl

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